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interior decorative glass doors


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Note About Quality -
Unlike other glass doors on the market we use quality Pilkington glass* (Not Chinchilla). We also use quality hardware and fittings sourced from Italy (Renowned within the glass trade as specialists in Hardware). We do not use chinese or turkish glass. We do not use cheap shower fittings like other companies.

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Delivery Terms And Conditions

We offer a "kerb side" delivery service only, that is to say that the driver will park his delivery vehicle as near to your premises as possible.
He will then bring the goods to the unloading point of the vehicle for you to unload.
Due to health and safety regulations and insurance requirements the driver is under no obligation to unload the goods either on his own or in conjunction with you.
It is your responsibility to unload and store the goods in a safe and dry environment.
The company is a member of RoSPA and as such your health and safety is of concern as well as our own, to this end we advise that you have two able bodied people on site to unload and safely store the goods. it is your responsibility to have two able bodied people on site as the delivery driver is under instructions not to assist you.
All glass is breakable no matter what thickness or type, once the glass product is removed from our vehicle we can accept no responsibility for breakage under any circumstances. Glass products should be treated with care, they should not be placed on hard surfaces such as concrete, metal or tiles. You should always place the product on timber batons or carpet and either of these two items should used as a buffer against the wall that the glass is leant against.

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