TechGlide Made to Measure Room Dividers

Techglide Room Dividers - How To Order


*(The Room Divider application below is for visualisation purposes only and is not an exact representation of the frames and panels)


We require the overall size of your opening, we will make the deductions for the tracking,

DO NOT ORDER "door" sizes, we will manufacture a set of doors and top and bottom track to suit the size which you have given, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THIS IS THE OVERALL WIDTH X HEIGHT OF YOUR OPENING

Online Order Form:

Width in mm: mm (MAX WIDTH 5000mm) * Required
Height in mm: mm (MAX HEIGHT 2490mm) * Required
Number of Doors:
The frame will be:
Panel 1
Panel 2
Panel 3
Panel 4
Panel 5

Panel 1:  
  Panel 2:
    Panel 3:
      Panel 4:
        Panel 5:

Delivery Terms And Conditions

We offer a "kerb side" delivery service only, that is to say that the driver will park his delivery vehicle as near to your premises as possible.
He will then bring the goods to the unloading point of the vehicle for you to unload.
Due to health and safety regulations and insurance requirements the driver is under no obligation to unload the goods either on his own or in conjunction with you.
It is your responsibility to unload and store the goods in a safe and dry environment.
The company is a member of RoSPA and as such your health and safety is of concern as well as our own, to this end we advise that you have two able bodied people on site to unload and safely store the goods. it is your responsibility to have two able bodied people on site as the delivery driver is under instructions not to assist you.
All glass is breakable no matter what thickness or type, once the glass product is removed from our vehicle we can accept no responsibility for breakage under any circumstances. Glass products should be treated with care, they should not be placed on hard surfaces such as concrete, metal or tiles. You should always place the product on timber batons or carpet and either of these two items should used as a buffer against the wall that the glass is leant against.

List Price:    £
- 50%:   £
+ VAT @ 20%:   £
****We Pay the VAT****
Final Price :

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--Free top and bottom tracks are included with your order--

Tracks are delivered slightly oversized and are to be cut down to size on site with a junior hacksaw. This is to ensure a tight and neat finish, and for transportation reasons.

****Fill in the section below to complete your order****

Please note that before you submit this form it will be considered an order. We do contact people by the telephone numbers listed here to confirm and finalise your order.

Please allow upto 4 weeks for delivery
The Final price includes free delivery to England and Wales
Once we have recieved your order a member of staff will contact you for payment details.


Any Damage to our products (especially glass products) must be reported to the driver.
It is your responsibility to thoroughly check the goods at the point of delivery.
We are unable to accept responsibility after the point of delivery.

Tel: 01325 310520



Note about Colour Accuracy

** Variations in colours and patterns do occur to those illustrated due to manufacturing and printing lmitations.

***We have taken great care to present our products, in digital form, as true to actual color as possible. However, computer monitors vary widely, and one colour may not appear identical from one monitor to the next.

Most monitors are calibrated at the factory to optimize crispness of text, not colour accuracy. The result is a "bluish white," rather than a neutral one. To display colour accurately, you need to calibrate your monitor to eliminate colour cast in the display. Many computer/monitor set-ups come with monitor calibration software. Most colour graphics programs include monitor calibration software. If neither of these are available to you, countless third-party programs are available -- off the shelf, or as freeware or shareware, that will work with your equipment. - Plastic Sheeting UK, UPVC Self Build mirror wardrobe doors, Burglar Alarms, Greenhouses - Plastics supplied to diy and trade in the UK - Secondary glazed units in the UK to reduce draughts & heat losses - windows and doors UK suppliers of french doors, patio doors and sliding sash windows in the UK


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